Catholic Bytes comprises all CAST’s catechetical initiatives, each intended to offer all people the opportunity to know Christ and His Church through engaging and dynamic media.

Our Core Team

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Our Founders

Catholic Bytes was started by three priests, Fr. Gregory Gerhart (Austin, TX), Fr. Andrew Mattingly (Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO), and Fr. George Elliott (Tyler, TX), who saw the immense potential of modern technology for spreading the Faith across the world. They were specifically inspired to start the podcast as they were studying in Rome, Italy, where they had access to a plethora of expert speakers on all topics regarding the Catholic Faith.

Our History

What was intended to be a small podcast, quickly grew through the help of many collaborators and advisors, even to the point of collaborating with the Holy See on a project for the Holy Year of Mercy. Seeing the boundless fruits from this work, Catholic Bytes expanded to a full time media organization, September, 2016, establishing headquarters in Austin, Texas. The organization is called CAST. To learn more, see here.

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