Catholic Bytes: Crash Courses

“From the oral teaching by the apostles and the letters circulating among the churches down to the most modern means, catechesis has not ceased to look for the most suitable ways and means for its mission… This effort must continue.”

– St. Pope John Paul II, Catechesi Tradendae

The Need

Video is an increasingly powerful means of communications, one that should be utilized in catechetical and evangelization efforts. Youth and young adults use social media for several hours a day; and, there is such a thirst for truth, for an encounter with Christ and His Church, but it must be communicated to them in a language they can understand, and offered on platforms on which they are interacting. Keeping this in mind, providing easily accessible content through social media allows Catholic teaching to engage the culture where it is, and quench that thirst for truth.

The Solution

A YouTube series that will systematically break down the faith in short and engaging videos. It will follow the highly successful method used by Crash Course.

The Details

Catholic Bytes is developing a video series that will consist of short episodes that breaks down Church teachings in an engaging and accessible way, covering topics such as: the existence of God, Scripture, Church history, morals, apologetics, spirituality, etc.

First Series

Check out our first episode, featuring St. Thomas Aquinas’ argument from motion on God’s Existence:

Further Information

If you are interested in helping to fund the Catholic Bytes: Crash Courses, or would like more information, please Contact Us.


“The increased availability of the new technologies demands greater responsibility on the part of those called to proclaim the Word, but it also requires them to become more focused, efficient and compelling in their efforts.”

– Pope Benedict XVI, 44th World Communications Day